Apply To List | MXshine | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Bitcoin Exchange | Buy and sell Bitcoin | Bitcoin markets is looking for tokens to be deployed if yours meet conditions, including but not limited to:

High demanded and well maintained by community or team in various fields such as technology, marketing, application development, etc

Practical technology in real application.

Meet the regulatory requirements without compliance risk.

Whitepaper and status report must be disclosed on time

Other requirements specified

For apply to List, please you send the project information to the following form:

Removal Policy

In order to protect cryptocurrency investors who're trading on platform. We reserve the right to keep or eliminate any token from our exchange, including but not limited to:

Project team dismissed

The project’s facing significant legal issues

Operation team of project requested for removal from the exchange based on its development needs and strategy adjustment.

Technical issue or security issue not to be solved on deadline after an important warning given.

Lack of liquidity: Daily volume less than 100 thousands US dollars in 30 consecutive days

0 daily volume for 5 consecutive days

Selectively value-relevant information communicated to the exchange or fraud.

Fork without notifying in advance.

Any other matters that do not meet the requirements of continuing trading. will give an announcement of removal 5 days in advance. Users will have 30 days to withdraw your tokens from the platform. mxshine will not be responsible for your assets after 30 days.